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An Apology

The God Who Is

Are the Scriptures Reliable? (Bible 101)

Knowing God

The Name of Elohim

The Messiah

Is "Jesus" the Name of the Messiah?

Is Messiah the Deity or Isn't He?

Messiah Our Pesach

About Torah ("The OT Law")

The Ten Commandments

The Abiding Validity of the Old Testament Law

Lawlessness and Apostasy

The Biblical Diet

"Be Holy, For I Am Holy"

Tzitzit (the Wearing of Tassels)

Trimming the Beard

Parshiyot (Torah Studies)

What Does the New Testament Teach About the Law?

The Seventh Day Sabbath

What is the Sabbath?

Is the Sabbath For Christians?

The Sabbath and The Mark of the Beast

A Guide For Keeping Shabbat

The Appointed Times

Proclaiming YHWH's Appointments

The Hebrew Calendar - Understanding the Times and Seasons

The Shabbatons - Times of Complete Rest

The 3 Annual Pilgrimage Feasts - Should We Go Up?

Pesach / Passover - Redemption and Deliverance

Messiah Our Pesach

Chag HaMatzot / Feast of Unleavened Bread - The Set-Apart Life

Chag Shavuot/ Pentecost -Instructions For Life

Yom Teruah /Trumpets - Messiah's Glorious Coming

 Yom HaKippurim / Day of Atonement - Judgment Day

Chag HaSukkot / Feast of Tabernacles - Elohim Living Among Men

Chag HaSukkot Celebration Pics

Messiah's Coming and the Rapture of the Church

The Promised Inheritance

The Rapture

The "Day of the LORD"

The Coming of the Lord

Unmasking the Restrainer

New Testament Teachings

      Studies in the Gospels:

Sermon on the Mount

"I Will Build My Church"

What is The Gospel?

WWJD - What Would "Jesus" Do?

Who Wrote the Book of "John"?

        Studies in the Epistles:

"The Just Shall Live by Faith"

Walking in the Spirit

What Happens When You Die?

Notes from 'Ivrim - the Book of Hebrews

1 Yochanan - A Practical Guide For the Walk of Faith

Galatians: Conflict of the 2 Torahs


The Authority of the One Sent From Elohim: 1:1-5

A Different Gospel?: 1:6-12

Sha'ul's Training in Judaism: 1:13-24

Justification By Faith or By Works of the Law?: 2:11-21

The Hearing of Faith: 3:1-5

Righteousness By Faith: 3:6-14

Walking in the Spirit: 5:16-26

The Christian Church

What's Wrong with the Christian Church?

Sunday as the Lord's Day

Celebrating Christ's Birthday

Partaking of "the Lord's Supper"

The Tradition of Easter

"Come Out of Her, My People"

Prophesy Being Fulfilled In Our Times

The Messianic Movement

Making Aliyah

Daniel 12 and the Resurrection

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